MORE Frequently Asked Questions!

After the wild and crazy success of my first segment of Frequently Asked Questions, we decided (holding onto hat!) to return for a second segment! You know you are excited! So, without further ado, here are more of the most commonly asked questions about the AirCut. Please enjoy.

“What if the vacuum suction decreases while cutting my hair?”
Just empty the AirCut haircutter and begin cutting again. It’s that easy!

“Can I vacuum the hair off my shoulders after I trim my neck and sideburns?”
Yes, just turn the AirCut haircutter’s blades off and use the vacuum to clean up the few loose hairs.

“Will the blades cut my skin?”
If used properly, the AirCut haircutter should not cut you. Be careful around the ears. Just like anything that cuts, the AirCut haircutter could possibly cut or pinch if you get too close without any stylers.

“Can I make a mistake cutting my hair?”
No, if you use the right styler, the blades won’t cut more hair than you desire. The stylers pull the hair straight out for a great-looking cut every time.


About aircutblog

The AirCut is a home hair cutting device for men, moms who cut their son's hair, and for womne with short hair. As seen on Rachael Ray, Real Milwaukee, and your local barber shop.
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