Attention Busy Moms!

As promised in my last post, Melissa from has written a speciual guest post for us. Everyone already knows that our AirCut haircutter saves busy moms time and money, but Melissa wanted to share some great morning routine tips to help busy moms as well. So without further ado:

I recently watched a video from Bliss TV about morning routines.  I thoroughly enjoyed watching the ladies featured talk about their morning routine (or lack thereof) and wanted to chime in with some tips on how to make mornings run smoothly for your family.  I know that with kids to wake up, breakfast to eat and the pressure to not forget anything, mornings can be stressful- but they don’t have to be.  Here are five tips to make your morning routine work for you and your family:

  1. Prepare as much as you can the night before.  This means laying out clothes, making lunches, setting the table for breakfast, etc.  The more you do the night before the less there is to stress about in the morning.  As your kids get older you can enlist their help with the evening routine as well.
  2. Set realistic expectations.  If there are mornings that you need to leave the house at a certain time (for work, appointments, school, etc.) then a gourmet breakfast is probably not the way to go.  So often we try to cram things into the morning routine that aren’t necessary and then wonder why we are stressed.  Be realistic about the time that you have and what needs to be accomplished.
  3. Have a command center.  Don’t you hate those moments when the kids can’t find their homework at the last minute?  Ever had shoes or coats missing in action and you are already five minutes behind schedule?  The solution is to have a place for everything and help your family get in the habit of putting everything in its place.  We have a small table by the entryway where permission slips, homework and keys go.  We have three hooks by the door for coats and book bags and a basket for shoes.  The more accessible everything is, the easier it is to find.
  4. Menu plan.  I am an advocate for menu planning and not just dinner.  We have a menu for breakfast Monday- Friday.  My boys know that Mondays are cereal, Tuesdays are waffles, Wednesdays are eggs, etc.  This makes the morning routine easier and I don’t end up feeling like a short order cook.  It also helps the boys know how to set the table for the coming day.
  5. Reward yourself and the kids.  Initiating a new routine can be difficult until the routine becomes habit for your family.  Consider having a special reward (a dessert, an outing, etc) on the week’s that mornings run smoothly.  The only way for mornings to work is for everyone to be a team in the household.  Acknowledge when the kids have pitched in.  Thank your hubby for warming up the car.  Reward your family for coming together to make something work.


 The way we start our day can often impact what the rest of the day is going to be like.  Sticking to an effective routine is essential for busy moms!


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2 Responses to Attention Busy Moms!

  1. AWESOME tips! I need to start trying to do more the night before. We seem to have a pretty good system for mornings when my dh is in town (he makes the lunches), but when he goes out of town, it all goes awry. I need to make the lunches the night before for those times.

    Love the expectations point. I used to think I had to make them eggs, toast, etc, etc, every morning. Now I’m happy when they eat. It may not always be the BEST breakfast, but getting 4 kids and 1 husband out the door in the morning sometimes means they eat a breakfast bar.

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