Spring Cleaning for Busy Families

Melissa the Multitasking Mama returns with another guest post in her series of way to help those better organize their lives. This week she talks about spring cleaning and getting your house ready for the warmer months we all love. Guys, wouldn’t it be great if your wife was this well-organized? Melissa, your family is very lucky. ~Russ

I don’t know about where you live but we got slammed by winter here in the northeast!  Record snow falls kept us indoors for way too long not to mention the school delays and snow removal-ugh!  I am so happy that as I type it is sunny outside, the windows are open and there is a nice breeze coming through.  Spring has arrived right on schedule.

With spring comes the inevitable (and often dreaded) spring cleaning.  Spring cleaning can often be an overwhelming thought so I wanted to share a few manageable tasks to get you started:

~Clean your air conditioner (what better time than when you are not using it?) Have your hubby change the filter, call an HVAC company or if you have a window unit, you can do it yourself. Remove the filter, wash it with soap and water (your user manual should have directions). Vacuum coils to get rid of accumulated dust and dirt.
~Buy a hammock. What better way to relax and enjoy the indoors.
~Keep your old shower curtain to use as a plastic layer under the mulch in your garden. (Reduce, reuse, recycle!)
~How about downloading some happy music on your iPod or burn a CD of your favorite tunes to get you through the last weeks of winter blues?
~Flip your couch cushions over (and when you do, go ahead and vacuum under there for me).
~Clean out your medicine cabinet-throw out expired meds.
~Do the same with your make-up and cosmetics.
~Make up some menus in advance. With warmer weather on the horizon, we will all be getting busier. If you have menus planned that you can fall back on, all you will need to do is shop and cook!

 Happy Spring!


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