What's in a Hairstyle?

Every day at AirCut is a new experience for me. Helping people overcome the fear of our product is the largest challenge we face, bar none. Overcoming fear takes education, education takes time, and time we have. We want to take the time to overcome the fears because we want people to but and use the AirCut to cut their hair. Sure, we could sell a ton of AirCuts, then ignore our customers, and have a bunch of unhappy folks out there with AirCuts collecting dust in their closet, but that’s not what we want. That’s not what I want.

Say no to bad hair with AirCutQuick story, then I’ll make my point: I spent some time recently trading emails with a potential customer who seemed to take particular issue with the price of our product. I finally felt as though I would never move past the price by using fancy tactics, and I leveled with him. I wrote “I could sell you a product for $29.95 that would break in two weeks, give you a lousy haircut, and leave you angry at me and my brand. Or, I could sell you my $99.95 product, ship it to you for free,  be here to support you when you have a problem, and give you a product that will give you a great haircut. He bought one. You’d better believe, I made sure I emailed him as soon as I got delivery confirmation and told him that I was still here for him.

AirCut sells a haircutter, yes, but we also sell a hairstyle. People care about their hairstyles intensely and that is what we sell more than anything. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what you do for a living, you want good hair. We have tons of satisfied customers all over the globe because we don’t just sell a hair trimmer, we sell a way to save time, a way to save money, a way to save messy haircuts, a way to save you and your kids from crying disaster at the barber, and a way to get a great haircut AND a great hairstyle the easy way. Service after the sale also makes for icing on the cake.


About aircutblog

The AirCut is a home hair cutting device for men, moms who cut their son's hair, and for womne with short hair. As seen on Rachael Ray, Real Milwaukee, and your local barber shop.
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