AirCut's Google Commercial – Haircuts for Kids Just Got Easier

I recently discovered a great site where you can make your own version of the Google Super Bowl Commercial and I thought it was lighthearted and funny, so I am sharing it with you. As you can see, searching Google for “Stylist for my kids” finds you a great stylist…in Seattle (ok, so the geolocation of the search is tied to the location of Google, your results will vary). A search for “Barbershop for my kids” lands you on the opposite coast. Hmm, this place seems nice, but there’s a lot in a name and most parents read “premium” as “expensive”. Putting the word “cheap” in there doesn’t seem to help much, either. After mom takes a Tylenol break, the search is on to cut her kids hair herself with no mess. What’s this? Positive reviews of the AirCut and the AirCut itself? Genius! Haircuts + kids + no mess=AirCut. Simple math, no searching.


About aircutblog

The AirCut is a home hair cutting device for men, moms who cut their son's hair, and for womne with short hair. As seen on Rachael Ray, Real Milwaukee, and your local barber shop.
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