Could You Handle Being a Celebrity?

Celebrities are everywhere. The funny thing is, we seem to hear about them the most when they are in trouble. Why is it so interesting to us regular folk when a celebrity gets in trouble? I have a theory that its because most of us can’t afford a villa in Italy or a Ferrari, but we all get in trouble. Also, the trouble we find ourselves in seems small compared to some of the awesome messes that celebrities do. With more money, comes bigger chances to succeed or fail. So it begs the question, could you handle being a celebrity? I’m not talking about the local-newscaster-rides-in-a-convertible-every-year-in-the-parade kind of celebrity, I’m talking about the $30 million paycheck per movie kind. Do you think you could handle it or are you happy being able to shop, go out to dinner, or take a trip without the throngs of paparazzi following you?

I’ve always been enthralled with celebrity hair, it’s one of the commonalities my personal life brings to the job of selling a hair trimmer. I think its funny when tabloids show celebrities male and female out for a jog or working out and their hair is a disaster. Do people honestly think that these people are made up 24/7? If I were a celebrity, millions of grocery shoppers around the world would get great entertainment value from my post-run hair picture pasted on the front of a tabloid. I can’t even fathom what the headline would say, but I can picture some comparison to one of those Russ troll dolls (the name is even the same, heh).

Here’s some homework: The next time your hair is at its worst (in the morning, after a run, after a day with the kids) take a look in the mirror and ask yourself “would I want this look on a tabloid?” If you can still answer yes, then my friend, you are a better person than I, and you could handle being a celebrity. Until next time!


About aircutblog

The AirCut is a home hair cutting device for men, moms who cut their son's hair, and for womne with short hair. As seen on Rachael Ray, Real Milwaukee, and your local barber shop.
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