It's Back To School Time! How's my Hair?

How will your child feel when he sees this school picture at his wedding?

Say the words “back to school” to most kids and they will look at you like you just said “paper cut”. If you are a parent sending your child off to school in the coming weeks, you already know the anxiety the kids are feeling as you recall your younger days of heading back to school. One thing that always caused a particular amount of stress for me was the dreaded school picture day that school administrators seemed oh-so-excited to get underway. Memories of underwhelmed (and I’m sure way underpaid) photographers and cheap plastic combs seem to play the largest part in my memory of picture day. How any adult kept order or their sanity through the experience is beyond me.

Remember how what you wore that day was the most important thing you would wear all year? In High School, clothing selection could become all-consuming for some kids, male or female. I had long passed on the cheap plastic comb provided by the public educational system in lieu of my own comb as early as 6th grade. After all, more of my hair showed in my school picture than my clothes. Therefore, it was our hair that defined us through the years of school, and as I now look back on my shaggy mane I had when I graduated, I realize that in a small way our hair always tells a story to the world. What story does your hair tell the world?


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