Is the Caesar Haircut Still Cool?

Historic...but still cool?

For those of us who have worn the short, forward-combed look of the hairstyle known as a “Caesar”, the best part of the style is its extreme ease of use. I used to get out of the shower and push all of my hair forward as I dried it. That was it, I was ready to go. I didn’t car what the weather looked like outside because wet or dry, it looked the same. I wore it, George Clooney wore it, Russell Crowe wore it, and even Gerard Butler and his six pack wore it in “300”. But these days I see fewer and fewer men sporting the bangs and it has me wondering: Is the Caesar look still cool?

Back when I first chose to crop my hair and adopt the Caesar, I believed in this hairstyle as a great example of what a man’s hairstyle should be: short, easy to maintain, and simple. Plus, I wasn’t blessed with hair that looked good when it was long. All I need to do is to revisit my High School yearbook picture once to remember that long hair was not a good look for me. The Caesar always felt more timeless though, and there are still stars like Twilight‘s Kellan Lutz and rapper Eminem who still sport the look. I think as long as there will be guys who want a “no fuss” hairstyle that looks good in any weather and can’t even be undone by a hat, the Caesar will reign supreme.


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