Charities vs. Schools: A Hairy Debate

There has been recent press about a young boy named Jack Szablewski who was kicked out of school for a violation of dress code (the story is here). 4-year-old Jack recently lost his grandfather to cancer, and so to honor his grandfather, Jack and his parents decided he would grow out his hair to be donated to Locks of Love. Jack’s conservative private school at first obliged and gave the family one year to let Jack grow out his hair. After the one year mark passed and inclimate weather forced the family to cancel Jack’s haircut, Jack was kicked out of school after 13 months.

The gray area in this situation is, was it the right decision to make? Theoretically, you could argue both sides of this debate. Should the parents have made more of an effort to get Jack’s haircut? Of course. Was Jack’s hair really long enough to be a distraction? Probably not. Also, is 4 years old really old enough to understand what is going on and why he was kicked out of school? The stickiest part of this whole situation is that it is now the prinicpal of the thing for both parties involved, and unfortunately the only loser may end up being young Jack.

What do you think? Was it right to remove Jack from school or was the school denying the wish of a child and his parents? Obviously this is a polarizing subject, so let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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