A Grateful Mom Discovers an Easier Haircut

Image courtesy of Clickr
Image courtesy of Clickr

I’ve always admired people who work for non-profits because most of them get a chance to help people and contribute to the greater good, but yet they still can make a living and pay their bills. It has to make them feel good to go into work every day.

This week, we here in the online retail business got a chance to feel good about our product after we were contacted by Jeanne, a woman with an adorable son named Griffin who unfortunately happened to be blind and deaf. Jeanne spoke of how Griffin was scared of visiting a traditional hair salon because he now had to rely on smell and touch for familiarity, and there was nothing familiar about a hair salon. Then he had a stranger touching his head and he was terrified.

Jeanne did notice that Griffin liked the feel of a hair dryer on his head when she would dry it, so when she found us online, we seemed like a natural fit. We got an AirCut in her hands within the week and she tried it out. Owner Norm and I waited nervously for the resulting opinion from Jeanne and, more importantly, from Griffin. Honestly, I wasn’t even this nervous when I sent one to Oprah. Kids are the toughest critics because they are honest with you when they don’t like something. So what was the verdict? See for yourself.These are Jeanne’s words, not the words of a marketer or some slick sales guy:

“OMG, I wanted to write you guys ASAP… tonight was a milestone. My (blind/deaf) son Griffin actually laughed while getting his hair cut. We used the AirCut and it worked PERFECTLY, exactly how I had hoped. Thank You Thank You Thank You. It cuts such a short length at a time that making a cut that was too severe or short really is not possible. I still can’t believe how easy it’s going to be to give my son a hair cut now. In fact, even his 10-year-old sister worked the AirCut with perfection. You really cannot mess up. My husband walked in in the middle of Griffins hair cut and was as amazed as I was at the giggling coming from Griffin. He was definitely NOT sitting still in the chair, he was wiggling all over the place, but it didn’t matter. I am going to mention your product in a bulk email to MSB parents and teachers. There are also many other companies that deal in handicapped equipment that could also be interested in the AirCut. I think they need to hear from you guys and carry your product.

The special need industry is growing immensely, due to new programs and therapies now being offered to special needs children. These kids are given a chance at life now; they are no longer put in the corner of a room to vegetate. I know that AirCut would be a welcomed addition to many parents and caregivers of special needs children, especially deaf/blind.”—Jeanne G, Phoenix, Maryland

It felt great for us to help Jeanne and her family, and we are grateful to her for sharing her story. It makes us all feel blessed for what we have in this world, and also to recognize that if a little boy who has fewer senses to rely on has the bravery to get his hair cut at home with the AirCut, what’s your excuse?


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The AirCut is a home hair cutting device for men, moms who cut their son's hair, and for womne with short hair. As seen on Rachael Ray, Real Milwaukee, and your local barber shop.
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