Finally, A Great Haircut for a ‘Lively’ Child

Last week, I brought you the story of Jeanne and her son Griffin, who was a great kid who has special needs. Jeanne used our product to give her son the best cut he’s ever received while keeping him at ease about the process. This week I wanted to share a great testimonial from Pat who is an Aunt and second mom to a special needs child who wrote to us a couple of days ago about her experience with the AirCut:

I am the Aunt of a special needs child. I have become his second mother. He is now seven years old. Taking him for a hair cut was a task I really did not look forward to. He has a very thick head of hair now. (Being born with cancer he was without hair for many years.) He is a very lively child and very difficult to hold still. He is deaf, blind, in a wheelchair, has a vp shunt, and has many other limitations. I have tried to cut his hair myself, but scissors near an active child is not safe or effective.

The last time I took him to a salon a couple of months ago, the stylist said he would be fine. I warned her a couple of times that he would not be an easy client. I was holding him on my lap to help with positioning. After 30 minutes (and the help of two other stylists) she regretfully told me that she was sorry, but she felt that it was the worst haircut she had ever given. Not because of him, but she was not satisfied with her ability to give him a cut she liked. I was happy with the cut because the hair was no longer in his eyes or tickling his ears.

We have recently discovered the air cut and what a blessing! This product should definitely be a must-have for any parent who has a special needs child. We have all had that salon experience. Not only does it give a good haircut, but he seems to really enjoy it. I am in awe  over this product! If you ever need a salesperson for the special needs sect, I would love to be that person. I believe that if this product was shown at one of the many special needs trade shows you would sell one to at least every other parent!

I also believe salons would benefit by have this product for when they have hyper children or children with special needs. In my opinion, every salon that cuts children’s hair should own at least one AirCut. I am one of your biggest fans right now. Thanks for making this product. -Pat S, Bel Air, Maryland

We would like to thank Pat for sharing her experience with us, and its mind-blowing for us to have two of these stories in as many weeks. I believe we have only scratched the surface of the number of families our product can help, and the idea of helping more of these and other types of families feels like one of the greatest gifts I can think of for this holiday season.


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The AirCut is a home hair cutting device for men, moms who cut their son's hair, and for womne with short hair. As seen on Rachael Ray, Real Milwaukee, and your local barber shop.
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