Is “Bed Head” Dead?

Recently, I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald (yes, I love hair news from all over the world. I’m a geek like that) talking about how many celebrities like Zac Efron and Adam Lambert were trading in their just-woke-up haircuts for a smoother ‘do. I feel that the “bed head” look was birthed from the grunge movement, a kind of playful look that served as a kind of societal protest for the younger generation. I myself have pasted my hair in a tousled temperament for the sake of sporting a bed head and rock it quite well, thank you. But I also do recognize the irony of spending 20 minutes trying to make sure your hair looks like a proper mess.

It does seem that more guys these days are opting for a more combed look, but I disagree with SMH article that it has anything to do with Mad Men‘s Don Draper. I think it has more to do with a simple shift in style—celebrities want a style that’s different from the average joe’s hairstyle, so they get it. Soon, all of the average Joes have adopted the style and it comes time to change it again and the process starts over.  

So, to answer the question on the death of the bed head, I think less guys will wear it to the point where it will not be considered the “popular” hairstyle it once was, but never die completely. I also think that its only a matter of time before its spiky star shines again.

What do you think? Is “bed head” dead?


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