$750 for a Haircut? Not on My Watch, Friends

Seems like a hairstyle that could be done for far less than $750, no?

I was amazed to read a recent article about Justin Bieber spending $750 for a haircut twice per month. Is it really possible that someone so young can already be spending so much money on getting a haircut? Worse still, there is nothing remarkable about his hairstyle. Maybe his stylist needs to pay off the huge fan that blows all of his hair forward. Maybe they have an extensive collection system for the hair so it is not nabbed up by throngs of fans in true Cabbage-Patch-Kids-at-Christmas fashion.

I could go on and on with speculation, but the truth of the matter is that many stylists charge celebrities excessive amounts for two reasons. One, they are available any time, anywhere. Two, celebrities have learned to trust the stylist to give them the same great haircut every time. See where I’m going with this?

The AirCut does both of these things and is a fraction of the cost! Now, I’m not naive enough to think that Justin Bieber reads my blog or is going to endorse our product (but nothing is impossible!), however I do belive that owning an AirCut gives you the same freedom that these celebrities enjoy for much less cost. No more making appointments, no more using a lunch hour to run to the barber, no more haircut disasters. Just a good haircut from a stylist you trust any time of the day or night. Isn’t that worth it?


About aircutblog

The AirCut is a home hair cutting device for men, moms who cut their son's hair, and for womne with short hair. As seen on Rachael Ray, Real Milwaukee, and your local barber shop.
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