Ladies and Gentlemen, the Pageboy!

Prince Valiant wore a pageboy. Not cool enough for you? Well...

Quick, what’s the first thing you think of when you hear the word “Pageboy“? If you think of a young wedding attendant from long ago, you are either English, know your English history, or both. The hairstyle sported by these polished young lads started long before they were around, but their ability to pass it on to key members of future cultures (even unknowingly) has made waves all of the way into today and probably into the future.

Originally worn by the Egyptians and named for its roots with English Pageboys, the Pageboy haircut for men is categorized by very straight hair with the hair rolled underneath the ear instead of flaring out. The bangs are usually a single length across the front, but has also been known to be worn with the bangs grown out and swept to the sides. This hairstyle became very popular with American kids after the Beatles sported them in the 1950s. An interesting side-note: Since it typically requires the hair to be longer, the Pageboy coincidentally became one of the least popular hairstyles for parents in the 1950s. did He-Man!

The style is very universal, and over the years the look has expanded and been worn by women also. One of the overall appeals of the Pageboy is its adaptation to any facial shape and nearly any thickness of hair. For women, the low-maintence provided by this hairstyle is a breath of fresh air compared to many other styles. For men, working a

curling iron took some getting used to, but with the stars of the time sporting them, what choice did they have when the Beatles were weraing it?

Do you still sport the famous Pageboy or know someone who does? Let’s hear from you in the comments!

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