About AirCut

Barbers, hair stylists and those hard-to-use clippers have met their match: the AirCut Haircutter. After years of waiting for expensive hair cuts or being nicked by clippers or scissors in the hands of nervous friends, people are swarming to this unique product and finding it’s the simple way enjoy a perfect at-home haircut.

It’s Easy
AirCut’s design allows a beginner to get fantastic results the first time and every time. Follow the simple directions and you’ll quickly find the AirCut is so easy you’ll toss your old hair clippers in the box marked “for garage sale.”

It’s Durable
AirCut’s high-quality construction means you and your family will enjoy its convenience and savings for years and years.

It’s Delivered Fast
Start saving NOW! Need a haircut today? Don’t call the barber for an appointment or risk another clipper job that requires you to wear a hat for weeks! Order your AirCut TODAY and it will arrive faster than hair grows. (Typically, the AirCut arrives in 3-5 days!)

It’s Got Your Back
AirCut stands behind what we sell. Our competitors couldn’t dream of our social media prescence! Similar products suffer from badly designed websites, poor customer service, and outdated images. We are available on over all of the most popular social network sites, and Russ the social media guy is always listening on Twitter (@air_cut).

So what are you waiting for? Why wait to look great? Get your hair cut with an AirCut! Online at http://www.aircut.com