New Year, New Hairstyle, New You!

2011 is almost upon us, and many people are already lining up their New Years resolutions. Whether your plan is to spend more time at the gym, quit smoking, or get a certain project done around the house, we all know that by the time April rolls around, we are hard-pressed to even remember what we resolved to do. By next Thanksgiving, we’re ready to make this year’s resolution NEXT year’s resolution.

One thing that men and women alike can resolve to change that’s quite easy is their hairstyles. Especially now in the winter, what better way to overcome winter’s icy grip than to try a new look, a new color, or a complete hair makeover? A new hairstyle can improve your mood, make a splash at holiday parties, and may even give you enough newfound confidence to work on those other resolutions. If it looks great and you love it, you’ve discovered this great new treasure you can use in the summer months as well. If you end up not liking it…well, wearing a hat in public is perfectly acceptable this time of the year. It’s win-win!

Anybody thinking of some great new hairstyles to ring in 2011? Any hot new celebrity trends in hair you’re dying to copy and finally getting up the nerve to unleash? Let us know in the comments!

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The Warmest Holiday Wishes You Can Get from a Blog

We started selling AirCuts in August of 2009, and it has been a great ride up to this point. All of us here at AirCut wanted to first say thank you to all of our loyal customers who have taken a chance on buying a new product in the last year and a half and we hope you are enjoying your AirCuts. Thank you to those of you who have shared your positive stories and have offered your suggestions as well. Every day at AirCut feels like an evolution of sorts as we continue to grow our social media and customer service efforts to virtually sit down with every current and potential customer of our product.

When you think about it, that is really what sets us apart from the cheap vacuum cleaner haircut attachment folks and the big box clipper salespeople. When you buy an AirCut, you are buying more than a hair clipper and a great haircut; you are buying an experience, a freedom, and the gratitude of a company that still believes that every customer’s voice is important.

Happy holidays to you and all of your family, and I look forward to talking to all of you after the holiday so I can wish you a happy new year. If you are a current AirCut customer, thanks for joining us on this great ride. If you aren’t a customer yet and you’re just doing some research, that is a great thing! Check everyone else out before you make up your mind, but remember that we are always here to answer questions. Thank you.

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Is “Bed Head” Dead?

Recently, I read an article in the Sydney Morning Herald (yes, I love hair news from all over the world. I’m a geek like that) talking about how many celebrities like Zac Efron and Adam Lambert were trading in their just-woke-up haircuts for a smoother ‘do. I feel that the “bed head” look was birthed from the grunge movement, a kind of playful look that served as a kind of societal protest for the younger generation. I myself have pasted my hair in a tousled temperament for the sake of sporting a bed head and rock it quite well, thank you. But I also do recognize the irony of spending 20 minutes trying to make sure your hair looks like a proper mess.

It does seem that more guys these days are opting for a more combed look, but I disagree with SMH article that it has anything to do with Mad Men‘s Don Draper. I think it has more to do with a simple shift in style—celebrities want a style that’s different from the average joe’s hairstyle, so they get it. Soon, all of the average Joes have adopted the style and it comes time to change it again and the process starts over.  

So, to answer the question on the death of the bed head, I think less guys will wear it to the point where it will not be considered the “popular” hairstyle it once was, but never die completely. I also think that its only a matter of time before its spiky star shines again.

What do you think? Is “bed head” dead?

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Finally, A Great Haircut for a ‘Lively’ Child

Last week, I brought you the story of Jeanne and her son Griffin, who was a great kid who has special needs. Jeanne used our product to give her son the best cut he’s ever received while keeping him at ease about the process. This week I wanted to share a great testimonial from Pat who is an Aunt and second mom to a special needs child who wrote to us a couple of days ago about her experience with the AirCut:

I am the Aunt of a special needs child. I have become his second mother. He is now seven years old. Taking him for a hair cut was a task I really did not look forward to. He has a very thick head of hair now. (Being born with cancer he was without hair for many years.) He is a very lively child and very difficult to hold still. He is deaf, blind, in a wheelchair, has a vp shunt, and has many other limitations. I have tried to cut his hair myself, but scissors near an active child is not safe or effective.

The last time I took him to a salon a couple of months ago, the stylist said he would be fine. I warned her a couple of times that he would not be an easy client. I was holding him on my lap to help with positioning. After 30 minutes (and the help of two other stylists) she regretfully told me that she was sorry, but she felt that it was the worst haircut she had ever given. Not because of him, but she was not satisfied with her ability to give him a cut she liked. I was happy with the cut because the hair was no longer in his eyes or tickling his ears.

We have recently discovered the air cut and what a blessing! This product should definitely be a must-have for any parent who has a special needs child. We have all had that salon experience. Not only does it give a good haircut, but he seems to really enjoy it. I am in awe  over this product! If you ever need a salesperson for the special needs sect, I would love to be that person. I believe that if this product was shown at one of the many special needs trade shows you would sell one to at least every other parent!

I also believe salons would benefit by have this product for when they have hyper children or children with special needs. In my opinion, every salon that cuts children’s hair should own at least one AirCut. I am one of your biggest fans right now. Thanks for making this product. -Pat S, Bel Air, Maryland

We would like to thank Pat for sharing her experience with us, and its mind-blowing for us to have two of these stories in as many weeks. I believe we have only scratched the surface of the number of families our product can help, and the idea of helping more of these and other types of families feels like one of the greatest gifts I can think of for this holiday season.

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There’s No Wrong Way to Rock a Mohawk


Mr. T didn't invent the Mohawk, but we're not telling him that.

The mohawk hairstyle (where the hair is shaved on the sides but left long in the middle) has been around since the time of the Native American people of the Mohawk nation. It has found popularity in many types of men and women from soldiers to punk rock artists, and remains one of the most unique and modified hairstyles even today. You can wear the strip of hair in the center short, long, braided, in dreadlocks, curly, pony-tailed, pompadoured, hair-sprayed, or even dyed different colors. Some folks have even gone the opposite route and shaved the center of their head and left the sides long, resulting in the “nohawk” or the “reverse Mohawk”.


However you choose to express your individuality with a hairstyle like the Mohawk, the great thing to know is that with such a diverse catalog of styling, there really is no wrong way to wear a Mohawk.

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A Grateful Mom Discovers an Easier Haircut

Image courtesy of Clickr
Image courtesy of Clickr

I’ve always admired people who work for non-profits because most of them get a chance to help people and contribute to the greater good, but yet they still can make a living and pay their bills. It has to make them feel good to go into work every day.

This week, we here in the online retail business got a chance to feel good about our product after we were contacted by Jeanne, a woman with an adorable son named Griffin who unfortunately happened to be blind and deaf. Jeanne spoke of how Griffin was scared of visiting a traditional hair salon because he now had to rely on smell and touch for familiarity, and there was nothing familiar about a hair salon. Then he had a stranger touching his head and he was terrified.

Jeanne did notice that Griffin liked the feel of a hair dryer on his head when she would dry it, so when she found us online, we seemed like a natural fit. We got an AirCut in her hands within the week and she tried it out. Owner Norm and I waited nervously for the resulting opinion from Jeanne and, more importantly, from Griffin. Honestly, I wasn’t even this nervous when I sent one to Oprah. Kids are the toughest critics because they are honest with you when they don’t like something. So what was the verdict? See for yourself.These are Jeanne’s words, not the words of a marketer or some slick sales guy:

“OMG, I wanted to write you guys ASAP… tonight was a milestone. My (blind/deaf) son Griffin actually laughed while getting his hair cut. We used the AirCut and it worked PERFECTLY, exactly how I had hoped. Thank You Thank You Thank You. It cuts such a short length at a time that making a cut that was too severe or short really is not possible. I still can’t believe how easy it’s going to be to give my son a hair cut now. In fact, even his 10-year-old sister worked the AirCut with perfection. You really cannot mess up. My husband walked in in the middle of Griffins hair cut and was as amazed as I was at the giggling coming from Griffin. He was definitely NOT sitting still in the chair, he was wiggling all over the place, but it didn’t matter. I am going to mention your product in a bulk email to MSB parents and teachers. There are also many other companies that deal in handicapped equipment that could also be interested in the AirCut. I think they need to hear from you guys and carry your product.

The special need industry is growing immensely, due to new programs and therapies now being offered to special needs children. These kids are given a chance at life now; they are no longer put in the corner of a room to vegetate. I know that AirCut would be a welcomed addition to many parents and caregivers of special needs children, especially deaf/blind.”—Jeanne G, Phoenix, Maryland

It felt great for us to help Jeanne and her family, and we are grateful to her for sharing her story. It makes us all feel blessed for what we have in this world, and also to recognize that if a little boy who has fewer senses to rely on has the bravery to get his hair cut at home with the AirCut, what’s your excuse?

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This is No Time for a Mullet!


Don't let this happen to someone you love

For those of you unfamiliar with the mullet hairstyle, let me enlighten you: Picture a man with medium-to-long Rock Star hair. Now picture he shaves the sides and cuts the front short so that from the front, he looks like a respectable businessman. Only that you can still tell he has Rock Star hair. Have you got that picture burned into your mind? Good, that’s a mullet.

I’m going to sidestep the negative class or other assumptions that smaller-minded folks make of men with this hairstyle because that’s not my point. My point is that a mullet is never okay anymore, guys, just because it looks terrible. Also, no matter how else you choose to change your appearance, you will never be more frustrated with a hairstyle than you will be with a mullet. This is a hairstyle that not only demands that you keep the sides trimmed super-short, but demands all of the upkeep, drying time, and hairspray of long hair as well! Guys, do you really want to fight your significant other for mirror time?

I’m not sure why this hairstyle ever had a time in the first place. Maybe we can blame Billy Ray Cyrus (who, coincidentally has also lost the mullet) for starting the trend. Whatever the case, I think its time we retire it. What do you think?

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