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Easter is coming, Are You Ready?

I’m going to start this post with a confession. Actually, two confessions. First, I love Cadbury Creme Eggs. If I could eat them every day, I would. The second confession is that I hate Peeps. They taste like someone took … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning for Busy Families

Melissa the Multitasking Mama returns with another guest post in her series of way to help those better organize their lives. This week she talks about spring cleaning and getting your house ready for the warmer months we all love. … Continue reading

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Attention Busy Moms!

As promised in my last post, Melissa from has written a speciual guest post for us. Everyone already knows that our AirCut haircutter saves busy moms time and money, but Melissa wanted to share some great morning routine tips … Continue reading

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Guest Posts Galore!

Every blogger worth their salt knows the power of guest posting. Our words are our currency, our keyboards are our banks. We use it to gain exposure and to reach people we might not normally reach and open up new … Continue reading

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Hair, Haircuts, and the Dreaded "faux-hawk"

If there’s one thing I have a commitment to besides helping people through social media, it’s my hair. Axe hair products even dubbed me  an “Axe Game Changer”, garnishing me with assorted prizes and free Axe shampoo and conditioner for at least … Continue reading

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