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$750 for a Haircut? Not on My Watch, Friends

I was amazed to read a recent article about Justin Bieber spending $750 for a haircut twice per month. Is it really possible that someone so young can already be spending so much money on getting a haircut? Worse still, there … Continue reading

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Finally, A Great Haircut for a ‘Lively’ Child

Last week, I brought you the story of Jeanne and her son Griffin, who was a great kid who has special needs. Jeanne used our product to give her son the best cut he’s ever received while keeping him at … Continue reading

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This is No Time for a Mullet!

  For those of you unfamiliar with the mullet hairstyle, let me enlighten you: Picture a man with medium-to-long Rock Star hair. Now picture he shaves the sides and cuts the front short so that from the front, he looks … Continue reading

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Growing My Hair Out

After spending the last month agonizing over what my new hairstyle was going to be, I have decided to grow my hair out for the winter. Now, before you go thinking I’m going to retire my AirCut until April and … Continue reading

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Dry Air of Winter Can be Shockingly Bad for Skin and Hair

As the chilly fingers of Fall start to wrap themselves around our daily lives, it’s important to remember the annoying byproduct of the awesome ability to drag our feet across the carpet and shock someone. I’m speaking, of course, about … Continue reading

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It's Back To School Time! How's my Hair?

Say the words “back to school” to most kids and they will look at you like you just said “paper cut”. If you are a parent sending your child off to school in the coming weeks, you already know the … Continue reading

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Could You Handle Being a Celebrity?

Celebrities are everywhere. The funny thing is, we seem to hear about them the most when they are in trouble. Why is it so interesting to us regular folk when a celebrity gets in trouble? I have a theory that … Continue reading

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